Active Recovery

Dr. Zimmerman uses a diverse set of assessment & treatment methods in addressing each individual patients' main complaints. While there may be a spinal manipulation component, he lends greater focus to addressing the "why's" of a patient's presenting complaints through postural restoration institute and neurokinetic therapy protocols.  He also regularly incorporates active release and graston techniques, both of which are innovative, movement-based therapies aimed at treating scar tissue buildup within the deeper layers of muscle and fascia. Prior injury, overuse, or having poor body mechanics allows this scar tissue to both shorten and weaken muscles. It can also cause peripheral nerve irritation and pain, as well as alterations in fundamental movement patterns needing correction by Dr. Z. These modalities, along with Rocktape kinesiology taping, have been excellent active care methods employed not only with our patients, but in nearly every collegiate, professional and Olympic-caliber training room across the country.


Corporate Health

In an effort to stem the tide of sedentary workplace-related aches and pains, we at MBM offer on site consultation to help employers improve the way workstations are configured, as well as the way their employees use their bodies at work. We find that even the smallest of changes in posture, or by incorporating quick workplace stretch and exercise drills, leads to an exponential increase in efficiency, production, and even positive thinking. In addition to our consultancy service, we also provide treatment sessions in 15 and 30 minute increments for those interested in receiving care while at the office. 


Custom Orthotic Fitting

Foot Levelers' custom orthotics work to maintain the three interconnected arches of your foot, also known as the plantar vault. From a biomechanical and functional kinesiology standpoint, support for the entire body’s equilibrium is generated from the vault, which is where Foot Leveler's has made its mark on the custom orthotic industry.  Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all inserts, their functional orthotics are individually created to address your postural problems, both active and stationary, and can also be made to fits any type of shoe - from running shoes to pumps. Click here to learn more about their unique products and how they can be of benefit to you.

The team at Manhattan body mechanics is dedicated to ensuring that you receive the utmost in expert analysis and care. whether you're a professional athlete, weekend warrior, or Somewhere in between, we'll work tirelessly to make sure you exceed your goals for treatment and get you moving better - and feeling better - as soon as possible.    

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